Siin & Sääl: Identity design for the social enterprise and a community space Siin & Sääl that is run by refugees and people with a migrant background. Siin & Sääl translates into Here & There with the logo illustrating the interconnectedness of different parts of the world.

Category: Identity & website design
Date: 2019-2020
Client: Estonian Refugee Association

Pictoplasma: A platform for contemporary character design and art. We designed all books that were published by Pictoplasma Character Design and Art Centre between 2006-2012. 

Category: Book Design
Date: 2006-2012
Client: Pictoplasma / With Alexander Fuchs

Peng! Intelexit: A campaign to encourage secret service employees to consider the (un)morality of their work. Billboards were installed outside of the headquarters of the National Security Agency (NSA) in USA, in front of the headquarters of the German secret service BND and outside of the headquarters of the British intelligence agency GCHQ. More: and

Category: Identity, print campaign & website design
Date: 2015
Client: Peng! Collective

Card game “My Picture, Your Label” for high school students. Used to expand student’s knowledge of the plurality of identities (e.g. national, subcultural, sexual and gender identities) and the negative effets of stereotyping.

Category: Card game design
Date: 2016
Client: Estonian LGBT Association